Solution de système de dispositifs intelligents d'application de la loi de la police
Police law enforcement vehicles forensics system solution
● Each car installs one vehicle PTZ camera (1080P-SDI/AHD),one indoor camera with audio(1080P-SDI/AHD),one emergency reinforce alarm button,one emergency JPEG image capture button,one voice talk-back handle,one 7 inch monitor with PTZ control rocker,law enforcement recorder device is optional.
● Trigger emergency reinforce alarm button,command center platform software can immediately receive alarm info of law enforcement vehicles need reinforce,then arrange nearest patrol vehicle to go to reinforce.
● If law-enforcement officers meet unlawful act,they can trigger button of JPEG image capture,can save the images in remote server immediately.
● Support GPS/ GLONASS dual modules positioning with higher location accuracy.
● Command center can operate the vehicle at any time by using 3G/ 4G
● Support 360 degree rotary PTZ camera,can get accurate location,track and shoot various unlawful acts and law enforcement progress.
● Support max 4CH or 8CH 1080P HD recording,no delay.
● Support 2 TB Hard disk recording, no need format. Plug and play.
● Police law-enforcement officers can wear law enforcement recorder from our company,to record videos & audios,take pictures etc. Of unlawful acts.
● To extract law enforcement recording is convenient and fast.Multiple storage modes(HDD,server) is safer.Support scene playback and backup recording,download recording remotely,extract recording from server etc.
● Command center can unified manage and command police enforcement vehicles via platform,improving enforcement efficiency.