1.Favorable Location

We are sited in Shenzhen, the most prosperous area in China's Pearl River Delta. This is the comprehensive source of raw materials including lens, tooling solutions, PCB boards, etc. As the special economic zone, there are also hundreds of enterprises of security guard s equipment. As a result, we enjoy the integrated business chain and offer the very best price/performance ratio available on the market.

2.Remarkable Innovation Capability

As a multifaceted supplier, we not only excel at traditional police security guard equipment, but also are nimble in terms of customer-engineered security guard and police equipment solutions. We draw on expertise and industrial experience to provide optimized solutions to cater to your specific needs on functionality and appearance.

3.Stringent Quality Control.

Quality is the foundation and is embedded into every facet of our actions. We apply stringent measures from design concept to finished product, coving material purchase, production, inspection, package, installation and maintenance. We believe meticulous design will be appreciated more in basis of ensured quality.
We have an extensive array of testing including destructive test, temperature test, waterproof test, anti-drop test, material properties test, corrosion resistance test, etc. These measures eliminate failures and enhance customers' confidence on our product.


We always take social responsibility to protect environment. We adopt energy efficient technology for product, and higher level of precise processing is responsible for minimized material wastes. Nevertheless, we recycle inevitable wastes at regular intervals.